Because Ice Cream Solves Everything!

Sassy Scoops was born unintentionally. On her birthday, Sara had the thought that she would like to try making homemade ice cream as something to keep herself busy during quarantine. She started out creating her husband’s favorite flavors and flavors for friends and would drop them off on their front porches.

People were loving the homemade ice cream and word started traveling fast. Soon more and more people were wanting ice cream. She started making extra pints for people to buy and pick up just to cover ingredient costs. What was meant to be a hobby to keep her busy during quarantine very quickly made her outgrow her little kitchen and she moved into the official Sassy Scoops shop.

Because it’s small batch, you know every pint is hand-packed and made with love. Her passion for food inspires her to come up with unique flavors and creative combinations using high quality ingredients.